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0moneysavingexpert150x150.6.jpgI believe that a majority of people have got everything back to front. They all have the idea that “to Live is to Work” well I believe that it is the other way around and it should be “I work so That I can Live” but unfortunately most of our financial situations do not allow us to live by this philosophy. In today’s world it is necessary for us all,I became a-Money Saving Expert but most of us fall well short of the expert mark and this forces us to work even harder to make ends meet. In most cases both parents and or guardians in the house need to work to cover their living expenses.   Living expenses is where we all fall down mainly because we do not sit down work out all our bills and put together a well-detailed and manageable budget. Lets face it we all do a rough thing that we might scribble on a piece of paper and stick in the fridge next to the shopping list, but really who actually looks at them.  The average family in reality live from pay to pay, and manage to pay for most of there bills like rego for the vehicles, rates, insurance, electricity and the list goes on and on and on.  I know I did but not anymore.   Many years ago my wife and I got into financial trouble and I swore that it would never happen again and til this day it hasn’t touchwood.  We became disciplined and got some information and some budgeting tools to assist us to put our budget and saving plan in to place.Related CoverageI Almost Became a LocksmithThe urge to become a locksmith came to me at a very young age. When I was a child I can remember that I had an interest in the mechanics of things, in how things fit together and how they come apart, and this curiosity almost led me to a future with locks and other interesting mechanisms associated with locks and safes. Why I Became a Bad Example of How to Make Passive Income OnlineI’ve always wanted to make passive income online, but had no idea how to do it. So, like any good student, I started searching the internet for many hours a day, and began to gather all the information I could. How I Became Twitter-PatedI heard about Twitter maybe 5 months ago. It was one of those things where you hear someone mention something but you don’t recall the time or place because it just isn’t that important to you at that moment. Twitter, what’s that? China Became A Nuclear Power Equipment Major Heavy Manufacturing Base?? China’s third generation nuclear power in the manufacturing field have come forward in the worldWe are still not a Money Saving Expert but we are a damn sight closer and we always have the money for bills, we can afford to go to a restaurant when we want within reason. Our quality of life is much better now that we don’t have to worry about our finances.   Don’t get me wrong we are still average people on average wages but it all comes down to how we manage our money and that is the secret to becoming a MoneySavingExpert.  What it really means is that we don’t make the mistakes that a lot of people do by living outside our means, we don’t buy unnecessary thing we don’t buy takeaway food very often but if we want to we can because of the choices we make during our day-to-day way of life and we have the cash to do it.    Don’t get me wrong it is not easy to make these life changing decisions in the early days but after doing it for a couple of years and you see that now you can afford to take your family away on a holiday or you can now afford to buy a new car or what ever your goal is it is worth the hard work in the beginning.  The Big thing is that you have to have a goal if you are just doing it to put money in the bank you will find that you will quickly slip back into your old ways before you know it and then it will be harder again to turn it around.  With the right attitude and information you can turn your financial life around and become a MoneySavingExpert before you realise.

MoneySavingExpert-Financial Stability Helps

2moneysavingexpert150x150.7.jpgAll I needed was help to be able to save money and be a money saving expert and be financially stable. Then I found out I could be a MoneySavingExpert and now I am going to help you become one. All we need is a little help and the confidence in what you believe in. First you need to do is believe in yourself and in your mind that this can work and then you need the commitment and determination to stick to the rules.
If you don’t believe that you can do this it might not be the right time to try and become a MoneySavingExpert. Anyone will tell you that you have to be in the right mind for this to work as if you are not ready it will be hard to achieve in what you want. All I wanted was to be better off and to be able to buy things I wanted I was tired of not being able to buy anything when I went out.
If you have bills pilling up and don’t know how you are going to pay for them, or if you have maxed out on your credit card you can turn this around.

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The financially unexpected happens to people every day. Whether it is an accident, illness, or job loss that occurs, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with unplanned costs. Gaining financial stability ahead of time will help you eliminate the stress that frequently comes with these events, regardless of your current income and lifestyle. Ideas on How to Save Yourself Money – Helping Financial Stability

The last few years have hit most people’s savings, bank accounts and the way they live. Since the credit crunch created a massive impact on the world there have been company closures, people losing their jobs and of course all this becomes a knock on effect bringing “work life” into “personal life”… MoneySavingExpert- Change Your Financial Position

Change your financial position today and look to the future before it is to late.If you want the piece of mind that next time a bill comes in that you can pay for it, then this will happen if you want it to.
Now lets look at ways that you can save some money and get financially stable. One way you could do this is by watching how you do the grocery shopping. It is getting harder and harder to cut back from your weekly shop as prices are rising but your wage isn’t. You have to be a smart shopper not just a shopper as if you smart shop you will save. You always look for specials and always take a shopping list. Never shop without a list as you will over shop, you will buy things that you don’t need. I now only shop for what’s on my list and look for the specials and even try the home brand as sometimes there a lot cheaper and there not always bland and they can taste good. A lot of people think home brand is stale or its no good but if you have not tried them you should, as you will be surprised. I buy home brand cordial and find it quiet nice and their flour and sugar is good. There are a lot more home brand products that I buy that I like, so try them for yourself and on the way save yourself some money.
There are many more ways to save money so look at your budget and see what you can do to help yourself become a MoneySavingExpert.